Stress and worry has terrible consequences on our health. At the Toronto International Celebration Church (TICC) you won`t be stressed out by more religious rules and regulations that are hard to follow.


Instead, you will receive a message that uplifts and relieves the pressures and stresses of life.


Every week hundreds attend the weekly 10:30AM worship service at TICC, and receive a boost in their lives. People report a boost in their marriages, in their families, and even their health.


A strong mental health is key to enjoying your best lift. At TICC, the teachings of Jesus are presented and taught in a way that strengthens mental health.



God created each person, no matter the background or religion, to be loved. At TICC it is taught that God so loved, He gave Jesus, to help us discover love. The Scriptures record Jesus as saying, ``I have not come to condemn, but to save``. That is the same approach taken at TICC, not to condemn, but to help.


You too can discover that boost in your life each week at TICC.


TICC is a non-denominational church with a positive and life-affirming message. The church welcomes people from any walk of life and any nationality to come and participate in its weekly services. You will see if you attend one of our services that many people who have come to Canada from other countries around the world have chosen to worship with us. It doesn’t matter what religious affiliations you’ve had in the past, you are always welcome to worship with us at TICC.


This same approach is taken with all age groups at TICC. From newborns to kids in their teen years, TICC has something for every age. Kids in the church are given the chance to learn about Jesus Christ and the Bible through the use of teaching methods and materials that are ideal for their age.

At the TICC, we teach kids about God in a fun and engaging way. If kids are having fun then they are more likely to learn and more likely to retain what they have learned. And through a captivating and enjoyable learning experience, children can be better prepared to face the challenges they will face in adult life. They will be better able to see how following God’s Word will bring them the kind of loving relationships they are seeking and the fulfilling future that we all want.

The Kids World ministry caters to children from junior kindergarten all the way up to the 8th Grade. Using interactive games and Bible stories, the kids gain an understanding of Christ and to begin to build a relationship with Jesus Christ that will last them a lifetime. We seek especially to bring the Bible to life for kids, since there is no question that the Bible is the most amazing book ever written!


It’s creative, and it’s fun! And kids will learn so much from it.

This is also true of the Reign 517 ministry, which is geared to youths and young adults. The concept behind this ministry is that we seek to bring real freedom to the young people being taught. And that freedom is not the ability to simply do what you want, it is a freedom gained through understanding and applying the truth of God’s Word.

The TICC is located at 190 Railside Rd., Toronto, ON, M3A 1A3. We are easily accessible whether you drive or take public transit from anywhere in and around Toronto. If you do drive, you can get to the church by taking the Don Valley Parkway to Lawrence Ave. East (just south of the 401). There is also a TCC bus stop on Railside Road.You can reach us by phone at 416-497-2508 or email us at We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.